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It was 17th March, 1918... on this scenic calm day, a small purposeful meeting was to give birth to a centenial institution that would bring together some of the successful people of the town.

Under the Presidentship of Rao Bahadur A. Raghunatha Rao Pantulu, a few elite of the town, namely, Dewan Bahadur K.Suryanarayana Moorthy 

Naidu, Dr. U. Seetharamaswamy, P. L. Venkatanarayana, K. Ramaswami Ayyangar and K. Bhaskara Ramamoorthy Naidu met to sow the seed for starting of a Club, which was to be named as Cocanada Cosmoplitan Club. They also resolved to commence this Club on the Ugadi day that year.

​In a meeting held on 9-4-1918, that was attended by 15 sponsor members and 20 organizer members, it was decided that another 25 more members were to be admitted as founder members of the Club.  The club was temporarily housed in the old Literary Association premises with the kind courtesy of the late Maharajah of Pitahpuram.​

​Shri D. Subramanyam was nominated as the provisional secretary until the club was formally started. Mr. P. Chakrapani Naidu, T. Apparao Pantulu and I. Subramanyam were requested to frame and submit the Rules of the Club within a fortnight. All the 60 members constituted the first General Body of the Club and resolved that Rao Bahadur A.Raghunatha Rao as the President, Rao Saheb D. Subramanyam and Shri P. Chakrapani as Joint Secretaries and Dewan Bahadur K. Suryanarayana Moorthy Naidu, Dr. U. Seetharamaswamy, N. Padmanabham, M. Manickyam, M. Achutaramayya and Ch. Perayya Sastry as members of the Managing Committee. Thus these nine gentlemen had the honor of forming the first managing committee of the club which laid a firm foundation for the years to come.

​The Committee’s first task was to approve the draft rules which was done on 11-4-1918. With this background the Cocanada Cosmopolitan Club was finally born on 12-4-1918 – Ugadi Day in a small building in the south west corner of the P. R. Govt College compound, vacating the Literary Association premises.

​The present site was obtained in 1936 and a Tennis Court was laid first. The construction of the Main Hall was completed in 1938​



​​​Cocanada Cosmopolitan Club






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