​​​Cocanada Cosmopolitan Club

Secretary’s Report  2017-18


Good Evening Members, Welcome to the Annual General Body Meeting during this Centenary year !

Ugadi 2017 saw the launch of the Centenary Celebrations of our Club in a grand way, the special Centenary Celebrations Committee was formed and a good interaction has taken place between the Management Committee and the Centenary Celebrations Committee to chalk out a road map for the year long celebrations.

Till date, the Club has conducted a Family Nite, Bridge Tournament, Snooker Tournament and an Under 14 years AITA Tennis Tournament (Boys & Girls) will be held in the 1st week of January, 2019, the said details were circulated through our Newsletter.

The proposed shopping complex adjacent to our Main gate was completed and is fully occupied generating a monthly income to the Club Finances.

We are glad to announce that the Tennis Court has been fully revived, we have a good coach and the Children playing here have excelled beyond the district level. It is the only court in the Town wherein players start at 5am and are playing until 7 pm under flood lights.

Thanks to the Snooker Tournament, the 100 year old Snooker table was fully renovated with modern steel cushions and now has a life of another 20 years, the participating players gave credit to our table mentioning that it was one of the best tables they have played on.

This year not only saw a good infrastructure development of the guest rooms and play areas but also witnessed a number of Affiliations. Now we have affiliations to the following clubs across India ---

1)The Century Club, Bengaluru, 2) The Cochin Club, Cochin, 3) The Madras Race Club, Guindy, Chennai.   4)   The Andhra Social & Cultural Club, Chennai (Andhra Club)  5) The Vijayawada Club, 6) The Film Nagar Cultural Center, Hyderabad,  7) The Hyderabad Gymkhana Club, 8) The Chiraan Fort Club, Hyderabad.  9) Country Club, Hyderabad 10) Jodhpur Club, 11) IBP Century Club, Visakhapatnam, 12) Nasiklub.

The proposed construction of the Centenary block will be taken up after Sankranthi and the work on the Centenary Souvenir is also under progress. Please log on to www.cocanadacosmopolitan.club for regular updates and also the messages on your mobile phones periodically.

There has been an Advance Ruling regarding GST and we are adhering to the advice given by our Consultants regarding this issue and we shall send out a detailed letter to every member of our club explaining the status of the same.

The Balance Sheet and the accounts have been circulated to all the members and any queries on the floor will be addressed immediately if possible.

The Management Committee had received a few proposals regarding

a) Reduction of Membership tenue of Member from 10 to 5 regarding dependent members consideration.

b) To issue Membership to Temporary Members subject to scrutiny of the Management Committee

The above may be discussed under “Any other Subject”

The Management is also contemplating to introduce new Smart Cards.

I thank the Management Committee, Office Bearers, the Centenary Committee members, the staff  of our club wholeheartedly for all the cooperation rendered during this year and anticipate the same in the coming year to fulfill our road map of the Centenary celebrations.Type your paragraph here.